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We study, plan, and carve






Remember when you drew a cow or a bunny in first grade. It was a good learning experience, lots of fun, and the creation of some of the ugliest critters ever. Now that you’re old enough to use a knife we’d like to teach you to carve a bunny, or an otter, or a bird. Or we’ll teach you to chip-carve a trivet or a set of coasters. It’s fun. It offers great pleasure, and no strength or experience is required. We welcome you to come join the  woodcarving fun and unleash your creativity.

This year’s plan: Our members do chip-carving, carving spirit faces , carving birds, carving caricatures, knife and gouge sharpening, wood burning, and many other carving forms. From time to time we offer classes in each. We all have fun, we talk and we share. One of our members is a pro knife-maker who can make you any knife shape you want. Someone is always bringing in wood scraps that others think are treasures. We have a library of books and DVDs that are available for checkout by all members. And, no matter what type of carving you want to do, we have members who are willing to help.

We have an active, growing club with members at all skill levels. Skilled members teach woodcarving classes at our meetings and share their knowledge with all members. We welcome anyone with an interest in carving to bring your knife, or if you are new, just bring yourself and we will teach you to carve.  The majority of meeting time is spent carving not in business discussions.  We also have 2 picnics and a Christmas party in addition to the 24 monthly meetings and 24 Saturday breakfast get-togethers.

Where and when:  Meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of each month from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.  (Except for picnic and Christmas meetings.  Check calendar page for details.)

We are located at 1649 Providence Blvd. Deltona, Florida (Deltona United Church of Christ Meeting Hall) at the  intersection of Providence Blvd. and Tivoli Dr.

We also have informal breakfast get-togethers on the second and fourth Saturday of each month from 8:30am - 11:00am. These are held at the Veteran’s Memorial Park, 1921 Evard Avenue, Deltona.   This is an ‘open to all’ gathering, club membership isn’t required.

Dues are only $15.00 per year.  When you join you will receive a blank to carve (a great starter project) as well as a booklet on the basics of carving.

  For more information email us at

or call:


                       President: Rosemary Van Wandelen... 386-860-5586

                     Vice President: Karen Schneider... 407-408-1311

                       Secretary: Ed Williams... 407-323-3056

                       Treasurer: Barbara Helwig... 386-789-3239


Meeting of the minds

How Connie spells relief (carving that is)

Darrell makes if look easy

No  job too small for Gene

Connie shows off her (cypress) knee