There are two magazines left in the U.S. catering exclusively to wood carvers, and one from the U.K.


Included with membership in National Wood Carvers Association, which costs $20.00 per year. Published 6 times a year. Publication is filled with photos from exhibits and competitions around the country. A great source for carving ideas and themes.


Published 4 times a year. Subscription cost is $19.95. Considered by many to be the most sophisticated wood carving magazine in the U.S. The parent company is the largest publisher of carving books.


Published 6 times a year in the U.K. Subscription cost is $55.32, or almost as much as the other two publications combined. An elegant  publication on high quality stock, it is a world apart from the American way of doing things. When you have all of the others, subscribe to this one.

· WOODCARVER ON-LINE MAGAZINE—The Carvers Companion FREE online carving  magazine includes a mail group.

Magazines For Carvers